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Chloe Caulier

Date of birth:
18th of November 1996

How did you start climbing?:
When I was 8 years old, on an open house day at a local wall.

Which is your main/favourite discipline?:
Difficult to choose between lead and boulder, that I like both. As far as my results are concerned, I am stronger in boulder.

Whis is your favourite climbing area?:
St-Léger du Ventoux for the time being (but I could change my mind after my first trip to Kalymnos during the next couple of weeks

What would you say your main strength or talent is in climbing?:
For a girl, I am quite strong with my arms. I also like the small holds....

How often do you train?:
5 Times a week.

What is your greatest climbing achievement so far?:
My first final at a European Youth Cup (lead). It was last year in Pau (France), where I finished at 4th place.

And what are your ambitions/goals for the future?:
To be on the podium at international competitions.

What other hobbies/sports/interests do you have besides climbing?:
Climbing, climbing and climbing ;-)

And last but not least- Why Core Climbing?:
I noticed that the texture of your holds was different from others. It is always interesting to train on a broad range of hold styles, materials,… I also like the unique design of your holds (e.g. Union Jack,…)