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Loic Timmermans

Loic Timmermans sport climbingDate of birth:
8th of April 1995

How did you start climbing?:
I started climbing when I was 5 years old. I started competitions at 8.

Which is your main/favourite discipline?:
Lead of course ! It's always been lead even if I'm also bouldering but just for training... I've never tried speedclimbing because for me it's not really a climbingdiscipline... What I like in lead is that it needs a long concentration and it requires a big ability to know how to combine mental and physical.

Whis is your favourite climbing area?:
My favourite places are crags with very long routes on good holds and of course with a nice landscape... (like in Spain, Kalymnos, Verdon,...)

What would you say your main strength or talent is in climbing?:
I think it's my endurance and my motivation to climb harder and harder.

How often do you train?:
5-6 times a week, or every day if you include running, fitness, stretching,...

Loic Competing ifsc World Cup InnsbruckWhat is your greatest climbing achievement so far?:
On the rocks it would be my first 8c+, Cosi Fan Tutte in Rodellar, because I was so impressed by the line and it was a mental game. On competition results, it would be 2011, I won the european cup after another mental game in Kranj and became 3rd at the WYC.

And what are your ambitions/goals for the future?:
This year my goals are still to progress in the youth category and also in the seniors. I also want to take some great time on the rocks even if i don't have a lot of time...

What other hobbies/sports/interests do you have besides climbing?:
Tennis, skiing, running.

And last but not least- Why Core Climbing?:
I saw the holds in a climbing gym in Belgium and just thought, I need to get this!

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